Saranac Team (as of Aug 4th):

1) Maisara "Mace" Kobaisy

2) Eric Morgan/Steve McNeil (and prop)/Jim Sourges

3) Shawn Watson

4) Andrew Grace (and/or backrow)

5) John Lee (and/or backrow)

6) Chris Spriggs/Adam Black/Jon Smith

7) Sean Eaton/Kevin Beane/Ross Townsend/Colin Murphy

8) Chris "Patch" Taylor (ringer#1)

9) Derek Featherstone/Joe Nesrallah

10) Gavin Coverdale

11) Andrew Matsukubo ? /Scott "Bones" McGilvary

12) Chris Hyndman/Ryan Bradford/Geoff Carran

13) Matt "Puke" Barthe/ Steve Ruff (ringer#2)/Chris Gilcrest

14) Mike Hooper/Trevor Sharpe/Adrian Deutokom

15) Dave Bergeron

Non-Playing Travelling Reserves (ie. pissheads/peanut gallery):

Brian "Chucky" O'connor, Chris Stewart, Brad Myers, Lionel Best, Andrew Ford, Rob Stoddart, Jeff Cochrane, James "jellybelly" Stewart, Bud McCrae (coach), 


Jason Pither (work commitments) - flyhalf

Dom Miller (work commitments) - no8/flanker

Grahame "Priest" Smith (work commitments) - prop/hooker

Spencer Fullerton (Canada U21 trials) - flyhalf/fullback

Jeff Johnson (holidays) - backrow

Chris Hyndman (injured) - centre

Courtenay Treleavan (unavailable) - wing/fullback

Adam Gordon (missing in action in BC) - centre/wing


*** We'll be looking to recruit another prop and 2nd row for cover (if anyone cares to invite a quality player let me know -- tight five only!).   We are playing in the Club "B" division, so check out 2004 entries to see our competition and schedule! Now updated!!

->plus girlfriends/wives and whomever else would like to paint the town!!!