Tour Itinerary: August 6-8, 2004

Note: -->  Departure 8:30am from Bell High School -- meet at 8am sharp! Friday, Aug 6!!! 

Emergency  cell #'s :  Brad Myers (613) 298-7428    and/or    Chris Stewart (613) 290-3936                               

1) August 6th - Golf tournament @ Craig Woods Golf Course.

--> we've booked 4 foursomes (first tee-off is at 12:30pm on Friday, Aug 6th)

Web Site:  (in Lake Placid, Route 73)
Craig Wood Golf and Country Club
Route 73, Lake Placid, 
1-877-999-9473 or 518-523-9811

2) Camping -- Meadowbrook Campground -- "Ray Brook, NY" 

- just off Highway 86 in between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid (see Map below!)

Campground Phone: (518)891-4351
Regional Office Phone: (518)897-1309

We have 5 campsites booked (6 people/site) -- (see chart below for your campsite leader!! -- we'll re-organize when we get there, but tell the registration centre that your staying with whomever your camp leader/group is)

--> need to arrive before 9pm on Friday night (Aug 6th)        cost = approx $10/person in total for both fri/sat night

Web Site:

You can get directions/phone# to campsite from this website above, but it's basically right in between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid off Highway 86 (the area is called "Ray Brook, NY" -- see Map below for general idea!)

3) Hiking Adventure (Algonquin Mountain w/ Chucky the Guide!) 

--> departure is Sat. morning after first match... not for the faint heart!  Swimming at bottom of mountain!

4) August 7-8th -- Rugby Tournament 

(2 games guaranteed on the Saturday) -- all of our matches are on Field 1 (Petrova Middle School - Saranac Lake)

--> click here for Schedule -- B Division Schedule

--> 1st match Sat. Aug 7th at 10am vs. Union County (Field 1)

Other Links: (Tournament Website) -- tonnes of things to see and do!!


From Toronto
Take 401 east to Cornwall Bridge. Pick up Route 37 east to Malone. Follow Route 30 south to Paul Smiths and pick up Route 86. Continue on 86 to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Drive time: 5 1/2 hours.

From Ottawa
Take routes south to the Cornwall Bridge. Pick up Route 37 east to Malone. Follow Route 30 south to Paul Smiths and pick up Route 86. Follow Route 86 and continue to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Drive time: max 3 hours.

*** see Map below for a general indication! --> not the best map, but it gives you an idea (you may want to look at another map!).

*** Any problems, call one of the cell #'s above and/or call my work number and i'll check for messages (613) 782-7148. (leave a message if any problems -- i'll get it!)

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 5

Joe Nesrallah

Brian O’connor

Chris Stewart

Brad Myers


Sean Eaton

Andrew Grace

Matt “Puke” Barthe

Eric Morgan

Mace Kobaisy

Dave Bergeron

Mike Hooper

Chris Spriggs

Trevor Sharpe

Gavin Coverdale

Kevin Beane

Chris Patch Taylor

Geoff Carran

John Lee

Jeff Cochrane

Derek Featherstone

Steve Ruff

Adrian Deutokom

Scott McGilvary

James “JB” Stewart

Andrew Ford

Chris Gilcrest

Jon Smith

Adam Black

Ryan Bradford

The following 3 guys  just register under my name (otherwise know who you're camp head is!)... they said it wouldn't be a problem to add a tent or two to an existing site... general rules are 2 tents a site, but we'll put 3....  all ladies will be snuck in... didn't seem to be a problem last time!

Colin Murphy, Lionel Best, Ross Townsend