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***Updated Aug 10th, 2004***

Coming Events:

There are a number of coming events for Bell Bruins Alumni:

  1. Saranac/Lake Placid 2004. More info to follow. In the meantime, check out Saranac/Lake Placid Rugby Tournament (August 7 and 8th, 2004).  If interested please email Joe Nesrallah
  2. 2005 Bell Alumni Match & BBQ--> Friday, June 10th, 2005
  3. Bell Alumni R.F.C. Gentlemen's dinner - December 19th, 2004 (TBD)

Bytown Blues vs. Queens University (Fall League finals 2003):

Matsukubo (with baby Juliette), Nesrallah, and the Ruff brothers defeat Geoff Carran and the rest of the Queen's University chumps 20-15 in a close encounter for the 2003 Twin Elm Cup!! (Fall league championships) -- Murph  is an in form spectator and Pither takes some time from his PhD thesis to have a few cold ones!!

  Before and After 


Good luck to the following Bell Alumnus in OUA rugby action this coming weekend - Nov 8th, 2004:

Gold Medal - McMaster vs. Western  MAC WINS!!! -- sorry D. Bergeron, Western sucks!!!

Spencer Fullerton - McMaster University (kill Western!!!)

Fly half Spencer Fullerton scored 13 points in MAC's victory over Western to secure a second straight OUA Rugby Championship. Fullerton, an assistant Captain on the team, is a second-year Engineering student from Bell High School in Ottawa. He scored the opening try for the Marauders, made two field goals and scored a conversion point.

Bronze Medal - Queen's vs. Carleton University

Matt "Puke" Barthe, Adrian Deutokom, Tavis Weighand - Carleton University

Geoff Carran, Jonathan Smith - Queen's University

2004 Alumni Game - Fri, June 11th @ 5pm (see below for match report!)

Bell Alumni Team  vs.  Senior Team 2004


Those who participated (sorry if i missed anyone):


1) Shawn Watson

2) Jimmy Sourges/ Eric Morgan

3) Steve McNeil

4) Matt McNaughton

5) Adam Black/Todd Miller

6) Jeff Johnson/ Colin Murphy / Jon Smith

7) Chris Spriggs /Ross Townsend/ Bryan Goat

8) Maisara 'Mace' Kobaisy

9) Joe Nesrallah

10) Chris Stewart / Geoff Carran

11) Dave Robertson

12) Ryan Bradford

13) Matt ' Puke ' Barthe/ Brian 'Chucky' O'connor

14) Mike Hooper

15) Andrew Matsukubo


Man of the Match ' Alumni ' Chris Stewart

Man of the Match ' Senior ' Brad 'Speedbump' Leung / Kyle Harris




Scot Richardson , Steve Clarke, Brad Myers, Andrew Ford , Terry Mellor, John MacFarland, Jeff Cochrane , James 'Jelly Belly' Stewart.  Along with many family members and friends' quite a good crowd! 


Well, I think that this year's alumni match was played under the most enjoyable conditions (not to hot, not to cold).  It made for the beginning of a great afternoon.  Anyways, I have to say that I was quite surprised with the promptness at which the participants took to the field.   You could sense the keenness in the air (either that or everyone had a comp res sed day ' except for Mr. Murphy who has never taken a sick day in his life ' this probably explains why he was a bit late, but it must be hard to leave work when you're doing LIFO/FIFO conversions to your Financial Statements ' this we all understand.).   Even Ryan 'Meathead' Bradford showed up on time, arriving a good ten minutes before yours truly.  I was imp res sed to say the least.  Upon arrival, one could perhaps sense that the current Bell team where in for a hiding.. Not fault of theirs however, as it was a relatively experienced alumni team that took the pitch.  I will try and be brief in po int ing out the highlights of the match (since many of you who were unable to attend asked how things went or for a report).   A lot to not much was the score.  But the senior boys did put up a valiant effort and made several tackles quality tackles throughout the match.  It is safe to say however that they dominated in the line-outs (we could've used the 6'5' frame of John Lee in this department ' who was vacationing in Wales ), and they  had also won their share of ball in the loose, but were unable to really penetrate through our line with any great success.   Other highlights included Matsukubo's 16 tries (but he was just testing his knee), Mike Hooper's thunderous tackles, and bursts down his touchline,  Puke's pile driving tactics,  Myers and Ford getting along like to grade school pals in the stands, Chris Stewart's near flawless performance that might of won him man-of-the match honours, Mark Casey's beautiful dive pass towards the zamboni (focus on the positive!), although Mark more than made up for an errant pass, by passing us 2 ice cold pitchers at Hooters!  Thanks Mark!   Dave Robertson's neatly pressed kit is always an inspiration and lesson of class.  Ryan Bradford's unselfishness was also to be admired throughout the match.   Needless to say, that it was a fun match, although, slightly uneven and equally enjoyable evening.  A special thanks to both Jon Smith and Bryan Goat who suited up for the young lads.  Also, thanks once again to Goat for herniating yet another one of my Lumbar Disks.  You're keeping guys like Steve McNeil in business!   Great to see that guys where able to make if from out of town as well!!


Thanks as well to Matsukubo, Hooper and Murph for supplying much of the refreshments and food.  I've never had such a good microwaved hotdog in my life!   


After the tequila at the Pump, the rest is a pretty much a blurr (although I do remember a quick visit to Georgie's for Pizza and Gravy)'. Anyways, that's most of what I can remember and look forward to seeing an even stronger side together at Saranac with the likes of Gavin, Pither, Bergeron, John Lee, Sharpe, Bones, and maybe even Beane who I believe will be on a witness/nursing relocation program come August.


Btw, expect a notice very soon about $ for jerserys, campites etc. 




2003 Bell High School Alumni Rugby match (sorry, no pictures this year... we just forgot!  Actually, we do have some from the beer up at Hooters!)

June 13th, 2003 -- Any match that's played on friday the 13th at the Bell High School pitch promises to be a showcase!!! This year's alumni game did not disappoint!! After yet another successful season (National Capital Champions and OFSAA finalists once again), the Bell Senior boys team were ready to face the ever-ready Bell Alumni squad featuring several first year players such as Geoff Carran (Ottawa Scottish, Queens University), Bryan Goat (Carleton University), Ross Townsend (Ottawa Scottish), Adam Black (Ottawa Scottish) just to name a few. Although missing several key players, the Alumni as usual were able to put together a talented and fun side.... although Jason Pither (former Canada u19 and Queens University/Kingston RFC) looks to be getting a bit long in the tooth... How old are you now Jay??? Anyways, despite the extreme weather conditions (it was actually quite nice to play in the pouring rain for a change as opposed to 50C heat!!) both teams showed a willingness to throw the ball around and have a great time, displaying the usual amount of skill and flair that exists between both teams. Colin Murphy (flanker) showed no pity on the younger opposition, displaying his Maori sidestepping abilities and abrasive tackling.. OUCH! It's nice to see that Murph continues to play the game the way it was meant to be played,... no pads, no scrumcap and no mouthguard!

Alumni Man of the Match --> openside flanker Colin Murphy

Senior Team Man of the Match --> scrum Half Sean Lennox and prop Matt Keogh

Alumni squad 2003:

1. Adam Black, 2. Ross Townsend, 3. Dave Robertson, 4. Scot Richardson, 5. Courtenay Trelevan, 6. Bryan Goat, 7.Colin Murphy, 8. Geoff Carran, 9. Derek Featherstone/Joe Nesrallah, 10. Chris Stewart, 11. Chucky "The Chainsaw" O'connor, 12. Ryan Bradford, 13. Jason Pither/Matt"Puke" Barthe, 14. Mike Hooper, 15. Andrew "Kujo" Matsukubo

Bell Senior Boys 2003:

1. Matt Keogh, 2. Eric Morgan, 3. Big Ed, 4. Trevor, 5. Jordan, 6. Tim 7. John "Brad Pitt" McCallvry 8. John Lee, 9. Sean Lennox , 10. John Smith, 11. Glendon Blackman, 12. Trevor Sharp 13. Scott "Bones" M. 14. Trevor 15. Andrew Souza not to mention a couple of juniors that showed up!

Congratulations to the Senior Boys team for their second consecutive appearance at OFSAA as well as their second consectutive NCSSAA Championship in addition to their fourth straight Western City Championship!!

Also, special mention to Gavin Coverdale (starting flyhalf for the Ottawa Harleqins 2003) and to Spencer Fullerton (flyhalf for the Toronto Xtreme and Ontario U21 Gold Medalists, 2003)

2002 Annual Bell High School Alumni Rugby match

June 14th, 2002 -- This years' alumni match was one of the funnest to date featuring many recent graduates along with some of the older stars.  The match was played with much enthusiasm and tenacity by both sides but one really has to feel sorry for the younger side that had to face a veteran backrow of Jeff Johnson, and the two Murphy brothers at flanker (Noel and Colin).  The present Bell Team put in a gutsy performance and displayed and equal amount of skill and technique as the old boys but in the end the youthful alumni side were successful by a score of 44-22.  The Bell team might have narrowed the gap had they played the entire match in their proper positions and weren't missing several key players in the backline such as scrum half Sean Lennox, inside centre Trevor Sharpe, and speedy wingers Rasheed Robinson and Ivan Wang.

Standouts for the alumni side were fullback Andrew Matsukubo (Bytown Blues, Eastern Ont. Harlequins) and elusive winger Chucky 'the Chainsaw' O'connor who cut through the defense all day long.  Both received excellent ball from the centre pairing of Gavin Coverdale (Ontario U21, Ottawa Scottish) and Derek Featherstone (Ottawa Scottish).  Forwards Maisara Kobaisy (Ontario U21, Ottawa Scottish) and Jeff Cochrane (Ottawa Scottish) got the team going forward all day while setting up a nice platform for versatile scrum half Chris Stewart to make his pretty and lengthy dive passes. 

Man of the Match for the Alumni, winger Chucky 'the Chainsaw' and flanker Colin Murphy

Man of the Match for Bell Senior boys, outside centre Adam Radmore and winger Glendon Blackman.

Special mention to both Geoff Carran (Ottawa Scottish, Eastern Ont U20) and Spencer Fullerton (Ottawa Scottish, Canada U19) who ran centre crashes at yours truly recognizing that I was a total liability on defense.  I must of coached you guys well to recognize the opposition's weakness. See you next year!!!

Alumni squad 2002:

1. Najii/Jeff Cochrane, 2. Jeff Ruttan, 3. Shawn Watson/Andrew Ford, 4. Neil Chatterly/Bill "William" Buck, 5. Jeff Potvin, 6. Colin Murphy, 7. Noel Murphy, 8. Mase Kobaisy/Jeff Johston, 9. Derek Featherstone/Chris Stewart, 10. Joe Nesrallah, 11. Chucky "The Chainsaw" O'connor/Adrian Deutokum, 12. Ryan Bradford/Gavin Coverdale, 13. Matt"Puke" Barthe, 14. Dave Robertson/John McFarland, 15. Andrew "Kujo" Matsukubo/Steve Joint Subs (i.e. Drinking Spectators!): Steve McNeill --> thanks for the B52s!!!/Brad Myers and several others

Bell Senior Boys 2002:

1. Matt Keogh, 2. Travis, 3. Fat Dave, 4. Trevor, 5. Tavis Weigand, 6. A.J./John Smith 7. Brad Snippe 8. John Lee, 9. Sean Lennox , 10. Geoff Caran, 11. Glendon Blackman, 12. Trevor Sharp/Brad Conlan 13. Scott "Bones" M./Adam Radmore 14. Rasheed Robinson/Ivan Wang 15. Spencer Fullerton



Bell High School RFC News

June, 2003 - Bell High School Wins National Capital Championship for second straight year.  The Bell Bruins RFC remained unbeaten and defeated Sir Wilfrid Laurier in a close match in poor conditions to earn a spot at OFSAA (Fletcher's Field -- Markam, Ontario).  Next year, will prove to be a challenging year on the field as many of the players will be graduating because of the double cohort. Nonethless, with the proud and rich tradition that exists at Bell, the team will be ready and up for the challenge and coaches Joe Nesrallah (Beauty) and Bud McCrae (the Beast) will make sure of it.

June, 2002 - Bell High School Wins National Capital Championship.  The Bell Bruins RFC beat Colonel Bye 22-3 to win a spot at OFSAA in Barrie, Ontario.  At OFSAA the team competed well, losing 12-5 in their first match against eventual bronze medallists Medway of London.  In the consolation match the senior players decided that all members of the team should play/  With 15 reserves on the field the team lost 11-0 to Northern of Toronto.  With 22 players returning, Bell should again be a force to be reckoned with.  Congratulations and good luck to the graduating players.



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